International Program House

International Program House (IPH) provides visiting/project professors and researchers who have been invited to AS with short-term, furnished accommodation. The IPH is conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk near the campus main gate and Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) dormitory.

Application for Housing

Application online : Please download the application form and submit it through the sponsoring faculty to TIGP dormitory manager Shirley Wu Email :

Application deadlines:

May to August (high season): Application must be received 2 months before desired check-in date.

September to April: Application must be received 3 weeks before desired check-in date.

About the apartments
Type of Housing Eligibility Monthly Rates

Single : en suite(room103)

The priority will be given to

International collaboration / MOU
Or International educational programs

Assignment of residency is based on a first come first served basis.
NT$ 5,000

Double A:shared bathroom
(room 102)

NT$ 8,000

Double B: en suite
(Room 101)


Remarks :

Free maintenance fee and local calls.


No.9, Academia Road, Sec. 2, Nankang, 115, Taipei, Taiwan

Permitted Period of Stay

To maximize the usage of these rooms and benefit more faculty members, the period of occupation is restricted to 1 month (minimum) - 3 months (maximum)

Facilities and Equipment

Common Facilities:

Laundry :wash machine, dehumidifier, vacuum cleaner, ironer, trash Can, flashlight*2, hair dryer*2, Drying racks*2

Kitchen:refrigerator, tea cabinet, cooking device, dining table, dining chairs, microwave, kettle, cutting board, coffee cup, glass, plates, bowls, spoons, table knife, fork, pans and pots, cooking bowl, ladle, chopstick, spatula, trash bags and containers, sponge, can opener

Living Room:sofas, side table, TV


Deposit :A security deposit (equal in price to one month’s rent) is charged on entering the IPH. The security deposit is be refunded at the end of the residency after deduction of repair charges/surcharges when applicable. The refunded security deposit can be transferred into an overseas bank account. The charges for the transfer of the refund will be deducted before the transfer is made. It is highly recommended that the sponsoring faculty or PI pays the deposit and co-signs the attached refund request form, which authorizes Academia Sinica accounting office to refund the pre-paid deposit to the sponsoring faculty’s local bank account.

To facilitate the issue of a payment invoice, please clearly specify check-in and check-out dates when filling out the application form. The payment should be cleared before check-in. The receipt should be handed to the dormitory staff as part of the check-in procedure.

Contact Information

TEL : 0932-902-641

Email :

Office Hours : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 0830-1730

Wednesday 1230-2100


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