About the workshop

Background and Purpose

Research Integrity (RI) embodies a range of good research practice and conduct including fairness in intellectual honesty in research, peer review, and the protection and care of human and animal subjects in the conduct of research. Recently, RI has achieved international relevance, culminating in two international collaborative efforts: the World Conferences on Research Integrity in Lisbon (2007) and Singapore (2010).

To promote awareness and compliance of RI in Taiwan research settings, Academia Sinica, Ministry of Education, National Science Council, and University System of Taiwan, will conduct a workshop on Research Integrity on Thursday, December 16, 2010. Four distinguished experts on RI will give presentations on research ethics and international guidelines on responsible research conduct, and discuss these issues with Taiwanese researchers and young scientists. Their topics will range from intellectual honesty in proposing, performing and reporting scientific research and transparency in conflict of interest, to ethical education in scientific research and medical ethics.

The presentations will be followed by two concurrent panel sessions that will focus on RI and conflict of interest on the one hand; and responsible research conduct, education for its promotion, and management of research data on the other. Panelists will include Taiwanese scholars from diverse disciplines who will discuss actual research practices in Taiwan pertaining to these topics and issues. It is hoped that such appraisal of the current status of research ethics will eventually lead to the establishment of self-regulating codes and policies in Taiwan that serve to enforce the professional responsibilities of scientists and researchers in a democratic society.